Warning Sappy post ahead. Cue “Its so hard to say Goodbye” by Boyz II Men.

As we move forward with Royal we continue to ever evolve and grow. This growth is amazing and we are very pleased with where we are going with Team Royal. A bitter sweet moment is we have now sold both of our Void Stasys Prime and Psyco Sub Systems. These were our first purhcases when starting Royal. We brough them back to life and full refurbished them and they were the corner stone of our company for the last 5 years.

That being said they have found new homes. You can now find them one system in Minnesota with Champion Sound and the other is now in Georgia.

We will miss these systems and they absolutely crush.

As I have to remove them from our inventory list on this site it is a bit melancholy thinking of all the amazing times we’ve had with them, all the crowds we have oohed and awwed. We are glad that they have ended up in such great hands and will continue to rock for future generations.