We’re selling a really killer system. You can easily rock 1k-3k people with this clean and crisp sounding and wonderfully looking system.

We hate to let this system go but we need to create some room for new inventory. This system has been featured at countless events across California.

For now we plan on keeping the other half of this system. The sister system is the same as this one. Another 6 Primes and 12 Subs. Together they can do a full 12 Primes and 24 Psyco Subs for that massive event. We plan on keeping it unless someone wants to make us an offer on the whole thing.



Void Acoustic Stasys Primes

Void Acoustics: Stasys Prime 2 x 15" Loudspeaker System, 1500W

Close tolerance and durable components provide increased reliability and greater output Extended Low frequency response.

Lossless summation between adjacent enclosures improves intelligibility and phase coherency Unprecedented efficiency Stasys Prime takes the point source concept to new levels with its extended low frequency performance, ground breaking efficiency, and unprecedented output power.


Void Acoustic Psyco Subs

Void Acoustics: Psyco Sub Single 18 Horn Loaded Sub

Psyco subs are the main stay of the Royal System. We have 24 of these bad boys and they can create a Wall of bass thats hard to surpass. Don’t let these single 18 subs fool you. When paired together they couple creating a giant bass wave. A top seller of Void’s line up of high performance low frequency enclosures.

Check out some of our event photos:

This system is no longer available. Let us help you find the system you need.