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you want a soundsystem thats going to deliver the truest audio possible.

Our system is comprised of these Void Acoustic Components.

From line array to point source

Arcline 8 Line Array

The notorious Arcline series is renowned amongst the live-sound industry for consistently delivering crisp audio fidelity, without any compromise for aesthetic styling. Operating as a two-way active, three-way line array module system, the Arcline 8 is trusted amongst live-sound and audio professionals; with a host of new technologies dramatically improving the perceived sound quality and definition.


Aimed at the larger venue, the radical styling of the Nexus 6 is born from the innovative internal layout of its transducers. The four-way Nexus 6 consists of no less than 20 high power drivers, housed in a sculpted fibreglass enclosure that can be ground stacked on low frequency enclosures, or flown independently using the optional proprietary Void flying system.


This revolutionary Three-way bi-amped sculpted loudspeaker array is not only amazing to listen to, but is visually striking too. Great for appearance style-led environments. Constant directivity is achieved across the horns’ entire dispersion, allowing for an exceptionally balanced waveform transmission.


Use the Air Vantage as a stand-alone mid-top with low frequency enclosures in a main club system, or as a DJ monitor when paired with the Sub Vantage. True point source transmission, a smooth frequency response, and very high SPLs with minimum fatigue are some of its benefits.


Don’t be fooled by the Airten V2’s small size. Its dual driver LF configuration results in greater bass extension, while a coaxial point source element for the mid and high frequency, housed in a space-age composite enclosure, delivers exceptional fidelity across its wide dispersion pattern.

Arcm15 - Stage Monitors

The ArcM 15 has multiple working surfaces, allowing it to be used as a near field booth monitor or conventional stage wedge, as well as having the ability to be pole mounted or wall mounted for front-of-house purposes. In terms of mobility, measures have been taken to reduce weight, while maintaining an ergonomic design to appease manual handling requirements.

Venu 12, 10 & 8

We have 3 different sizes to fit your needs. These speakers pair really well with the Venu 215i /210i for a compact system. Featuring a rotatable high frequency horn for horizontal or vertical mounting while the electronic high frequency protection delivers increased reliability. The Venu series is an efficient choice for smaller nightclubs; or larger restaurants and bars.


Arcline 218

Two High Power 18″ Neodymium Transducers. The Arcline 218 actively enhances the line array enclosure offering with ground-breaking technical developments, including the use of extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) resulting in maximised performance while maintaining a minimalist footprint.


Arcline 118

The Arcline 118 enhances our line array enclosure offering and is optimised for use in theatres, event spaces and outdoor areas. Developed using extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling, the result is maximum performance from the smallest footprint. 

Stasys X Air

The highly regarded, world renowned Stasys Xair presents itself as the special ‘Air’ edition of the Stasys XV2. The cutting-edge design is captivating, with the option for expressive colour customisation on the aluminium bracing.

Stasys XV1 Subs

High output double 18″ horn-loaded subwoofer. The Stasys XV1 has set new standards in the performance possible from a double 18” low frequency enclosure. Used on tours, in live venues and in world-class night venues all around the world.

Stasys 218

They are a double 18″ reflex loaded, low frequency enclosure built around traditional principles but designed with Stasys philosophy and attention to detail. The marriage of a technologically advanced enclosure with esoteric transducer performance applied with superlative tuning techniques has resulted in a phenomenal package with state-of-the-art performance that has well and truly left tradition behind.

Venu 215i Subs - V2 Subs

Self Powered Venu 215i’s. They are a double 15” reflex-loaded subwooofer that has been designed to offer everything you could ask for from an installed subwoofer. Convenient and easy to use, the Venu 215 features: tough 15” transducers with high excursion 4” coils; Capable of powering up to four mid-high enclosures from its integral dual 750-Watt power modules.

Venu 21oi - v2 Subs

Self-Powered, Dual 10″ Low Frequency Enclosure pack a punch! The Venu 210i V2 is a trail-blazing piece of pro audio equipment. Operating as a self-powered, dual 10” reflex-loaded low frequency enclosure, capable of powering up to four mid-high enclosures from its integral dual 750-Watt power modules.

Our Story

Members of some of Northern California’s top production crews (Stilldream Festival, Mountain Lion Hi Fi, Casa Rasta and Firefly Productions)  join together to bring you a New top notch production company powered by Void Acoustics. We have the ability to do sound for intimate events to large scale festivals

Some companies we’ve worked with

Featured Case Studies & Articles

Dirtybird Campout Returns (2021)

Dirtybird reignites audio excellence with Void Acoustics

Northern Nights Festival 2023

Void Acoustics celebrates Northern Nights in Royal style

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Make an Impression

Royal Sound makes an impression on its listeners with top notch audio but is also visually striking too. We have what you need for your event from small to large. 

Legendary Reggae Artist

Collie Buddz – Love and Reggae


Imagine our excitement when we got the call from Collie Buddz management that he saw our system on Instagram and wanted it for his next video! Voids unique look and high quality sound are great for not only concerts but great for Films, Music Videos and Visual Striking Stage Designs!

Full Music Video –
53 Million Views and Climbing!

Crystal Clean AUdio

We have the sound you need for your event. 

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Air Motion (Red) & Stasys XV1 Rig

Air Motion (Red) & Stasys XV1 Rig

Another amazing system. Full restored. You can easily rock 1k-1500 people with this clean and crisp sounding and wonderfully looking system. 6 - Void Stasys XV1 (black & red) 2 - Void Air Motion V2 (red)

Its so hard to say goodbye…

Its so hard to say goodbye…

Warning Sappy post ahead. Cue "Its so hard to say Goodbye" by Boyz II Men. As we move forward with Royal we continue to ever evolve and grow. This growth is amazing and we are very pleased with where we are going with Team Royal. A bitter sweet moment is we have now...

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